FKT…Well…For Me

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My friends have all abandoned me. Andy left me hanging at the climbing gym at 6:00 am. My brother Mick bailed on me for our afternoon adventure. And the worst part is that my girlfriend works at a freaking summer camp during the week, and the only communication she can receive is snail mail. Seriously. How archaic is that?

Because my friends don’t love me, I’ve been forced to turn to my long–time lover Mount Timpanogos. She and I have been on–again–off–again with our affair for years, but today she sent me a booty–text and I couldn’t resist. I was pretty tired already, considering I’d hit the climbing gym in the morning and worked a full 8–hour shift at my cooking job, but I decided to go for it anyway.

I hit the trailhead at about 4:30pm and I had a couple very specific goals in mind. I’m not really sure what the fastest I’ve ever summited that big, beautiful bitch, but I am pretty sure I’ve never done a car–to–car adventure in under 5 hours. That was the optimal goal. And I knew that in order to get it, I’d need to hit the summit in under 3 hours. Considering my running skills are meager at best, I figured this would be a worthy goal to work toward by the end of the summer, and that today would be a really great chance to see where my fitness stands.timp_5

Part of me would really like to nab a FKT (fastest known time) on some summit somewhere, but the rest of me is way too lazy to train that hard, so I’ve opted to go for personal FKT’s. I know, I know, most people call them PR’s or something like that, but since I’m in the mountains I’m going with the vernacular.

Today was the perfect day for a summit run. I bet it never got warmer than 75°F and on the summit ridge I needed my wind shirt otherwise I’d have been far too cold. I hit the Timpanogos Basin at about 1:30 and knew that I needed to step up my game if I wanted to reach the summit before 3 hours elapsed. To be honest, I didn’t think it was going to happen, so I figured I’d go until I hit 3 hours, then turn around so I wouldn’t be coming home in the dark too much.timp_4 timp_3

When I hit the saddle at 2:18.01 I realized that there was a real chance I could hit my goal, so I tried my best to motor the last 700ft to the summit. A little jelly–legged but I hit the shed at 2:51.22, a personal best, as far as I know. I signed the summit roster, scarfed a Clif Bar, then started my arduous journey back to base. Strangely enough, this was first time I’d been to the summit alone. I’ve climbed the mountain on my own several times, but it’s always been during high–traffic times, and there’s usually been at least one other person at the summit. There was something eery about being the only person for miles. I liked it.timp_2 timp_1

2–hours later I hit the parking lot, a personal best clocking in at 4:50.22. My fitness goals are within my reach, and I’m working hard to achieve them. Hopefully I won’t be too sore for the next few days. I’m surprisingly fine as of this writing. We’ll see what a night’s sleep does for me. I’m sure I’ll be hobbling around tomorrow morning.timp_6

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