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May 25th, 2014




by Andy Earl
This season has been spent riding powder… lots and lots of powder… I am not complaining in the least but I have missed hitting jumps. Last week we met with Blake Nyman and Tony Pavlantos to chuck ourselves off a few different mounds of snow. 


Blog // Wasatch Podcast

by Andy Earl

Our next weather window we are going for Everest Ridge. Parker, Tanner and I took our weather window and used it to scout the approach. I really just wanted to go for it but Tanner didn’t have his crampons and ice axe so we couldn’t do it safely.

It took us just shy of three hours to get to baldy saddle, roughly 3,000 vertical feet above the valley floor. The more I am around that mountain the more I love it. It was such a beautiful day, I wish we could have pushed for the summit… but that calls for a 1 a.m. start this time of year. Hopefully this week.

April 4th, 2011



by Andy Earl

I now understand why a friend of mine charges $150 bucks to turn a snowboard into a splitboard…. It was fun having a project

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for a while, but I am glad these boards are done and ready to be ridden. I look forward to the fun times I hopefully get to enjoy with the people these boards are for.

It all started when I snapped mine and fell in a river. I offered to cut some boards for some friends because I would be making my new one. Four boards, hours of oldies music in the garage, epoxy covered fingers, and here they are. From Left to right; Nate Love, Glen Harris, Torah and Jacob Welch. All awesome people. I did my best. The one up top is mine, my buddy Jeremy Jolley hooked me up with a Rosignol Experience 163. I am pretty stoked to get this thing up some big hills.

March 30th, 2011





by Andy Earl
Conditions looked heinous. After so much snow fall how could all the deep fluff I rode on Friday have blown off? The wind was still at it, transporting all our new snow to leeward slopes stacking it all into dangerous slabs of snow. Blake Nyman, Parker Cross, Tony Pavlantos, David Kaplan, Hayden Price, Jay Eichhorst and I made our way up to Wolverine Cirque. Conditions limited our line options. The day was windy, productive, and fun.

Provo Peak


Nearing the summit I found myself pushing hard just to get it over with. The elation of being high up on a ridge had slipped from my mind and I put blinders on transfering all my focus on moving up the ice encrusted slope. When the summit was finally within reach I pushed my legs faster and began to feel the fun seep back into my mind. I sat on the summit alone for a few minutes catching my breath. Ridges and valleys that could only be authored by God stretched out in every direction.
frozen face



Parker’s frozen mustache.

February 17th, 2011


Cheater Shot


Even though this heelside blaster looks like I am cruising in blower powder, it is all an illusion. The video this frame was grabbed from tells the real story. Never trust a photo. They may speak a thousand words, but who knows if they are telling the truth.

February 17th, 2011




Martin Luther King Day really screwed us over with that rain. The high alpine terrain is a solid sheet of ice, all the snowfall since has entirely blown off. We decided to go for Red Baldy out of Snowbird’s Gad 2 gate. The access would take us up Red Stack, another 11,000 foot peak, but we had a huge epic fail. We didn’t all have ice axes and crampons. We quickly found ourselves on a long solid sheet of ice.

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