Valentine’s Day Is Romantic?

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I had a plan. Hike Angel’s Landing in Zion, smooch my special–lady friend on the summit, take some pictures of the sunset, then head to dinner in Springdale. It was a perfect plan, and like all perfect plans almost none of it actually happened.

IMG_0765_smallerAngel's Landing Trailhead

The Softest of Sunrises

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I couldn’t figure out why I was listening to “Rainbow in the Dark” by Dio in my dream. As I drifted from unconsciousness I was disoriented and once I realized I was on a mattress on the floor of my girlfriend’s apartment in Cedar City, I quickly realized that Ronnie’s serenade was my alarm clock, signaling my 5:30am wake–up call.

Zion National Park is a solid hour from Cedar City, and my goal was to make it to the park before sunrise at 7:30. As I reached for my phone, and as RJD “[cried] out for magic,” the silence was punctuated by these words, forever burned into my psyche:

Andy Earl 12:13am: “Not going to be at the gym in the morning. We lost the baby tonight. Starting the delivery process.”

Bird's-eye view of BCC road.

Outside Corner: A Wasatch Classic

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Roadside cragging abounds in Utah, but it’s not always easy to find roadside multi-pitch attractions that have great rock, cool exposure and scenic views. Enter: Outside Corner. As you whip around the Remnants of an Ancient Sea sign, it blasts you in the face with its prominence, but the real fun starts at when you get to the start of the last pitch.

Mountain Project link:

If you look closely, you can see the pockets of flowers all throughout the basin.

Wildflower Wonderment: 3 Steps To Serenity

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Mount Timpanogos is my favorite mountain. That should come as no surprise to anyone who knows me at all, but it deserves to be repeated nonetheless. I could go on and on about the raw power of the massif, the Native American history, the Mormon Pioneer reliance upon the topography, and the rich heritage of climbing that has been around since 1911 (which is fascinating, by the way).

Instead, I’m going to talk about wildflowers.


Pfeifferhorn: North Ridge

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_MG_7969_smallerAlpine climbing has its own unique combination of variables, the most blatant and awe–inspiring for me being exposure. For those of you non–climbers out there, “exposure” typically refers to the idea of being high on the wall, without hundreds if not thousands of feet between you and the sudden stop at the bottom. When it comes to exposure, the Wasatch doesn’t really compare to something like Half Dome in Yosemite, but there are a select few areas that touch the void incredibly well, the most prominent in my mind being the Pfeifferhorn––particularly the North Ridge route.

The Shire: Visitors Welcome

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I guess I’m not allowed to say exactly where I was on Saturday. The SoWa code of ethics strictly forbids anyone from revealing specifics about the terrain south of Lone Peak to the general public, but anyone familiar with the area can easily figure it out. It’s not exactly a secret, but kind of. It keeps the riff raff out. Or something like that. Supposedly.

Living The Dream: 3 Reasons Why Splitboarding Might Save Your Life

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Josh Snow | Utah Backcountry | Wasatch Mountain PodcastFrom time to time I get comments on my Instagram photos that express a level of envy toward the so–called dream life I’ve been living for the past few years.

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