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Specializing in action and adventure photography, Parker Alec Cross has spent the last 4 years working within the outdoor industry to tell stories and create imagery that promotes an active lifestyle, appreciation for the wild places of the world, and respect for the mountains. Thanks for stopping by, and check out the blog!
Adventure Sports Are More Than Just Adrenaline.

There is a very real connection with nature that one can develop through engaging in action and adventure recreation, but beyond that, one has the opportunity for personal growth through overcoming adversity that is unrivaled in other forms of recreation.

Photography As A Story–Telling Device

Here at Crossroad Studios, photography is a way to share our passion for the outdoors with others, and convey the message of an active lifestyle. They say a picture can say a thousand words, so why not have a thousand pictures?

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A mixture of haiku and novella, long–form and brevity. Well, more like the chaotic ramblings of a wannabe artist who doesn't make time for the most important things.

I Be 'Grammin.

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